Monday, March 5, 2012

''Patul lui Procust'' by Camil Petrescu

Camil Petrescu (1894-1957) was a writer of great spiritual connotations, manifested in many areas of literary creation: poetry, prose, drama, essay.
Joined lovinescian modernism of the time, Camil Petrescu was oriented both in novel and in theater, to a high and serious themes: love, war, death, absolute destiny. Camilpetrescian character is an intellectual elite, a man who "saw ideas", a seeker of the absolute.
"Procrustean bed" (1933) is the best novel by Camil Petrescu and one of the most original creations of the Romanian modern prose.
No doubt, the epic scale of construction, the existence of several plans and narrative complexity of the characters, the work that discussing is a novel.
Assignment of the modern Romanian construction category can be explained by:
Absolute novelty of the formulation composition, narrative perspective is sequential.
Subjective time, "action" not having a wire chronology, various moments of life characters are reconstructed memories, opinions of other characters and footnotes.
A "parallel mirrors", each of the actors are seen differently by those who knew him.
Psychological acuity analysis.
The theme of the novel is human drama education, meant to be incompatible with the world, love and luck. Each of the three characters that represent higher man (T., Ladima and Fred Doe) is a misfit who can not fit in "bed procustian" of love or of society.


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