Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review of the novel "Moromeţii" written by Marin Preda

         The story of a family in the country side on the Danube Plains, in the village Silistea-Gumesti, which is slowly falling apart throughout the course of a quarter of a century.

        The first volume depicts the village just a few years before the 2nd World War, in the summer of 1937, where the inhabitants find themselves in a delusional state of social stability, where even time itself was patient with everybody.

        Drama doesn’t find its home in this village during these time, not does rebellions occur, although the every day living is far from being comfortable.

        Despite all this, the clever and talkative hero of the book, Moromete, who is also a leader of the village, finds toward the end of volume 1 that time seems to be more and more impatient with him after a shocking experience, which changes his psychological profile and makes him become unspoken.

        Using this smarts he manages to recover his financial situation. He buys back the land he had sold previously, but now this is becoming a hurdle for him.
The attempt to reconcile with his sons - gone from the village in the meantime - is not successful.
His drama unfolds in all its glory.

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