Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review of the novel ''Romanul adolescentului miop'' written by Mircea Eliade

       A book that is more than a simple novel about a confused teenager. A book that has to do with a person's struggle to a superior being, not that kind of superior person that dominates the others, but more like a concession you make with yourself. Young Eliade does himself a favour giving up a few things for his own good. He sees as the only way to be an upper person the path of suffering, renouncing to many things and loved people at the same time, just to reach that state of spiritualism where perfection lies. I wonder if he thought about it as being something platonic, ideal, that will never be touched, seen, felt and at the same time continuing the search !? Maybe he did, and not felt disappointed, but instead more convinced that it is the right thing that one can do in life.

Lots of feelings, emotions, impressions that I do not know how to put into words are found in this book. It has a philosophical background but it is also answering a number of question that every teenager asks himself. Maybe not everything that is there applies today, for times have changed, but still, it is a point of reference in the novels aimed to teenagers.

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